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Re: Bobby threatens Alan

Alan said,

"Sorry to break my word so soon, but Bobby has gone over the top!  I
now know that my remarks about him on the APD bothered him.  I just
received a call from the Napa Police Department.  They asked me if I
had ever emailed Bobby and what the story was . . . "

OK.  Why not strike a blow for freedom and find out if you can initiate some 
kind of criminal or civil action against him out there?  Maybe malicious 
prosecution, making false statements to police, libel, defamation, etc.?  
Perhaps spend a few dollars and 
consult a lawyer?

The plaintiff in this has bragged about having a big advantage by being only 
a few miles from the courthouse in NY, while the defendants are spread all 
over the country.  This has required them to hire a local NY lawyer at 
considerable expense, while the plaintiff just types up complaints and 
delivers them at apparently little cost.  This would even the playing field 
and maybe inspire him to reconsider his actions.

You've got the ball.  Make us proud of you!