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Question about 'levels' of aquascaping

I have a bit of a strange question. Looking at the SFBAAPS gallery and essentially asking the usual question, that is, Why don't _my_ tanks look like that?, I thought, hm, maybe you guys can answer that. Not for me specifically, but really, why is it that once past the strip-light, leggy anacharis level, there seem to be two camps: Those that get great plant growth and have more attractive tanks, generally, than non-plant tanks, and people who get astounding color, seem to be able to grow anything, and have no empty spots in their substrate? I mean, I can't speak for others, but I have good light, and Flourite, and usually CO2, and spend way more time than I should on my tanks, so, Tom Barr, George Booth, and other people with incredibly enviable tanks, what's the secret, hmm? What, IYO, is the one thing that differentiates a planted tank from a masterpiece (and I don't mean artistic ability or anythiung, let's not get back into that)?

-Molly & the fish