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Ottelia alismoides (was RE: plant ID question/happy anubias)

Anthony W. Baker said:
> From the sound of it, it could be a plant called "Ottelia alismoides".

I believe you're right. I looked at the images of
Ottelia alismoides you included , but was thrown off
by the submersed leaf shape. The plant leaves I saw
had a roundish shape. In fact, if you want to see exactly
what I saw, check out this link:
(hee hee, I know....)

The first image is supposed to be a  nymphoides species
(banana plant). But that's exactly what "my"
Ottelia alismoide looked like, but it had no rhizome.
Next to it is the real ottelia alismoides. Note the difference
in leaf shape.

But then, we all know that leaf shape can be a lousy way
to identify plants. After some digging around, I found this:
It's a nice description of the species. One of the leaf shape
descriptions is "strongly cordate." That's heart-shaped,
according to my Websters.

Thanks for your help! Gloria is really pleased about
that ID, and I am too.  :-)


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net