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Re: Correct Temp from Faucet to Tank with Python

 mike heerman asked, in part:

Is there a way to get a
> thermometer inline?  

Have you tried putting a small sized stick-on thermometer on the
faucet?  They cost about $2 and last for a few months or more -- the
high heat of a kitchen faucet tends to blur them after a while.

At the faucet:  Open the ball valve on the output end of your Python, 
Turn on the water at the faucet and adjust valves to get the right
temp.  Turn off ball valve on python, walk to your tank and you're
ready.  Just be sure that your hot water line was flushed of cold water
when you took your temp reading.  :-)

That's one way -- I think I read it from George Booth,
Scott H.

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