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Re: Correct Temp from Faucet to Tank with Python

>For those folks using a Python Water Changer, how do you
>get the temperature you want going into the tank.

While this might not be the response you are looking for, I just estimate 
it.  I get the water coming out of the python about the same as what is in 
my tank (feeling by my hand only, and from memory, since I'm by the sink, 
not the tank), shut off the valve, move to the tank and fill it up.

Unless it gets overly hot, I just let it go.  I'll do a %50 and occasionally 
%75 this way.  The most the water likely ever changes is only a couple of 
degrees and the fish have never been stressed because of it.  Actually, most 
of them seem to enjoy swimming through the fresh water rushing in the tank, 
especially when colder than the tank water.

With the remaining water in the tank and filter, the gravel, the wood, glass 
and plants and a decent heater (for cold water), there is a pretty decent 
"heat sink" that will keep the new water within a few degrees (+/- 5) 
without trouble.  Fish in wild often go through much worse temp gradients 
coming from the bottom of a lake to the top, from a mountain stream into a 
shallow lake, etc.


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