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Niave pronouncements about the law

BErney1014 at aol_com wrote:

> United States Supreme Court has ruled in a few famous cases about people
> joking, threats, etc. You can't use part of a thread.
> I doubt it would be allowed into evidence because it is out of context.

Unless I heard this from a lawyer (and a good one),
I wouldn't bet on it.

Even if it was true, ultimately such matters would be decided by a
judge who decides what is "in context".  Even still, you have to
spend a fair bit of time and money before anyone gets to
see a judge in the first place.

> The posters are not defendants;

They most certainly are! Several of them have been served
papers and are spending a great deal of money defening
themselves from these charges.

Don't belittle the trouble they've been dealt because you
think it won't be a big deal. it already is a big deal.

- brian