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Potassium permanganate source

Scott wrote:

"Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 11:55:27 EST
From: SleetScat at aol_com
Subject: potassium permanganate source

Could somebody tell me where to obtain potassium permanganate? I know this
has been asked a bunch of times but when I looked through the archives, I
could not find the answer. Thanks for your help.
Scott S"

Scott, you could try Aldrich Chemical Company. I am home so I don't have the 
address here. Try a search for them. I know they have it but they may not 
sell it to you. Potassium permanganate is apparently used in illegal drug 
manufacturing. When I ordered some for my company I needed to explain why I 
needed it and fill out a form from them explaining the same.

Jerry Smith

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