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Bobby threatens Alan

Sorry to break my word so soon, but Bobby has gone over the top!  I
now know that my remarks about him on the APD bothered him.  I just
received a call from the Napa Police Department.  They asked me if I
had ever emailed Bobby and what the story was.  I told them that he
was suing some friends of mine and that we had exchanged some
acrimonious emails a month ago.  They informed me that Bobby had
called them and claimed that I have been sending him death threats!!!
This is amazing.  This is a flat out lie.  I haven't emailed him
anything since I said I was going to stop over a month ago.  And I
certainly never made anything that could be construed as a death
threat!  This is just another attempt to intimidate a foe into
silence.  Well, Bobby, I am not intimidated.  The police told me I had
nothing to worry about as email traffic could be tracked.  I am an
honest and open individual.  I have done nothing wrong, and I fear
nothing as I trust in our legal system.  But, WOW, can you believe
this guy!!!


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