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RE: plant ID question/happy anubias

Shireen Gonzaga asked:

"At my LFS (Aquarium Center, MD), plant guru
Gloria gave me a cutting of a plant she cannot
identify. The customer who sold it to her said it
came from Japan. The leaves have the green color
of spatterdock (Cape Fear, I guess), and the leaf
has almost the same shape. The texture of the leaf
is quite fragile and soft. It has a long green stem,
about 4-5 inches on the plants at the store. Gloria
says that the stem she gave me as a cutting will
grow roots, it does not have a rhizome like

Any ideas what it is?"

I reply:
From the sound of it, it could be a plant called "Ottelia alismoides".  When
I read the post I immediately remembered a plant fitting that description in
Aqua Journal vol 71, page 16-19.  There are some good pics in the magazine,
but alas I don't have a scanner...

Don't know anything about it, but here are a couple links with pics that I
got from aquaplant.org...
http://www.venicepetcenter.com/fishavail/plants4.html (toward middle of

There is also a plant matching that description in Aquajournal 70, toward
the end... No latin names are given for the particular tank, and I don't
read Japanese.