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Goodbye Bobby

Robert Hudson in a private email to me has made it clear that my posts
regarding Bobby have caused him, and possibly others, pain and

I have thoroughly enjoyed baiting Bobby, and it was always my intent
to cause HIM pain and anguish.  That I have succeeded in this was made
clear today by his failed attempts to sow seeds of discord between
myself and other members of another aquatic plant group by emailing to
them excerpts of my very first communication with him and presenting
them as if they were recently written.  Were I speaking to Bobby I
would tell him how pitiful his attempt was and how utterly it failed.

However, there are others who truly feel themselves harmed by my
actions.  As this was NEVER my intent, I will now say goodbye to

To that preening purveyor of personal pet products, that post'er of
purposefully private postal equivalents, that pugnacious pontificator
of purported proprietary purpose, that perversely petulant presenter
of falsehoods and lies, I have but one last thing to say.....Piss off.


"The worst thing about censorship is **************************."

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