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A way to raise a *lot* of money quickly

Is everyone aware of paypal.com?  Of course you are.  Well, Citibank has
launched a similar program called "c2it". They have a promotion that expires
April 4, where they will refund the first $10 when you send money to
someone.  There are no transaction fees for the sender or the recipient,
although I suspect that will change eventually.  I used c2it about a week
ago to buy a used ethernet card on eBay for $10, and sure enough $10 showed
up back in my account a few days later.  How many people read APD evey day? 
500?  If everyone signs up for c2it and sends $10 to the defense fund by
April 4, $5000 would be generated and Citibank would subsidize the whole
thing.  Sorry for the short notice -- I thought the program lasted through
the end of April.  

I just sent some money to John to make sure he can receive it.  I also saw
something about an "affiliate program" and a $5 incentive on c2it's web
page.  Maybe if jbenn at jblaw_org signs up as an affiliate, another $5 subsidy
per donation could be raised.  It is certainly worth checking into. 

Best regards,