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Upgrading Eclipse 3 with PCs

I received a response from Custom Sealife regarding the potential heat
problem with replacing the original pair of 24" T-8s with a 55 watt PC.
According to Custom Sealife:  "The 55w SmartLite will add some heat to the
system, but not to the extent that it will affect the color temperature of
the bulb. It will also not be enough in most cases to affect the temperature
of the tank more than 1 degree."

I guess the only thing to do now is do the upgade and see what happens.
Note that the AH Supply upgrade won't work because the MIRO reflector is too
wide (4").  The AH Supply 2x13watt upgrade would work (3" wide), but why
substitute 26 watts of PC for 34 watts of T-8.  On the other hand, the AH
Supply 2x13 watt upgrade would fit between the light fixture and the filter
box in the middle of the tank.  That way you could have 55 watts in the
front of the tank and 26 watts in the middle which is 2.8 PC watts per
gallon which should grow most plants.

Roger Gordon