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Re: Correct Temp from Faucet to Tank with Python

Mike Heerman wrote:

>My solution has been to use the python to send the water
>into a bucket by the tank.  Then I use a submersible heater
>to heat the water and a maxi jet to send the water from
>the bucket back to the tank.  It is getting rather

Here is an idea that I used when I was running several large tanks, fish
only. I used to have a large plastic barrel (40 gallons) which I
purchased used from a food shipper. Make sure it had only food in it,
and then wash it out carefully. I think mine had Coka-Cola. (Damn, if I
could only get one full!)

Anyway, place the barrel where it can stand to condition your water for
a day or two between water changes. Fill, put a powerhead in to move the
water about, and a heater. Adjust the heater to come up to your tank
temp. Empty and fill becomes very, very easy. Python out, powerhead in.

I would like to do the same with my planted tank, but I cannot find a
place in my new house for a 40 gallon ugly plastic barrel. This would be
even better for a planted tank, because then I can adjust the water
parameters before adding to my tank. kH, gH, and the like could all be
evened out first. Just a thought.