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Correct Temp from Faucet to Tank with Python

For those folks using a Python Water Changer, how do you
get the temperature you want going into the tank.  My
faucet handles must slip somewhat because a few times I
have been surprised that the water coming out was either
too cold or too warm.  No problem for a small water change,
but with the tannins from my driftwood I do large water
changes every so often.  Is there a way to get a
thermometer inline?  

I can test the water going into the tank but then I'm the
one holding the python and I can't go adjust the faucet

My solution has been to use the python to send the water
into a bucket by the tank.  Then I use a submersible heater
to heat the water and a maxi jet to send the water from
the bucket back to the tank.  It is getting rather

I would appreciate any advice.


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