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Re: Bubble counters?

Thomas Barr at tcbiii at earthlink_net wrote:

> My question is more along the lines of why does ANYONE need a bubble counter
> in the first place? We focus on the pH for precise CO2 determination, not
> bubbles per sec. All it shows is some flow is going into the system, not
> that much more.

When I first set up my homemade CO2 rig, it was comforting to count those
bubbles each day and assure myself that everything was stable and working as
it should. After dozens of pH tests, I even knew how many bubbles/sec were
needed to achieve a given pH. Still, after the 3rd or 4th time my homemade
bubble counter went dry, it slowly dawned on me that it was optional. I
finally quit using it when I realized I could see the bubbles feeding into
my filter intake strainer if I peeked through the slits at the right angle.
My intake strainer is black plastic, but I'm planning to replace it with a
clear one and mount the CO2 line where I can see the bubbles easier.

Dan Dixon