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SAEs and Moss

My SAEs nibbled away at the wallichii I got recently. 
My Mayaca was destroyed, although I don't know if it
was them or the now removed flag fish that did it.  

But, what they really love is moss.  I got some
Christmas moss for a donation and they nibbled it
Long stems with no leaves.  I took it out and left it
in a dish for a while before just putting in back in
the other day.  I doubt it will revive.  I'll be
making another donation and if I can get some more
moss, the SAE's will go.  I think proper tank
management goes a long way more than herbivores

Some java moss growing on the silicone seal in the
tank has received the same abuse.  They may prefer the
taste of algae, but when it's gone, watch out.  


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