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Re: Hoods

Daniel Larsson asked:
> 2 watts/gallon (0,5 watts/litre) as the lower range and 6 watts/gallon (1,5
> watts/litre) as
> the higher range made me wonder how high-light-hoods look like.
> Do you stack several fluorescents on top of eachother? Is this the reason
> that many
> hoods I see on photos are very tall?

I would imagine that hoods that produce 4+ watts per gallon on a large
tank, and have a very high profile are sporting some of the fancy Metal
Hallide lights underneath. They do produce a spectacular effect, but
don't forget that they have a spectacular price tag and you also get a
sepctacular hydro bill as well. :) You could have a look at such things
in some of the better fish stores, hydroponics stores, or garden
nurseries. Leave the Visa at home!