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Re: Bubble Counter Fluid

Ed wondered about CO2 bubble counter fluid.

I'll bet money that it's just mineral oil (aka, a light petroleum
distillate), perhaps with some dye added.  It could even be a vegatable
oil, but that would need a preservative (salt might do it) to keep it
from going rancid.

You can pick some up at the pharmacy.  Small amounts will probably get
into the gas as droplets when the bubbles pop.  Small amounts probably
won't hurt the tank contents.

At 120 bubbles per minute (give or take), I find I need to refill a
bubble counter once every couple of months or so.  At 12 bubbles per
minute, well, I'm still waiting to find out.

Scott H.
> >I was searching the net last night looking over deals on CO2
> equipment
> >and the like, and came across a listing at one site for "Bubble
> Counter
> >Fluid". Supposedly it evaporates less than water. When I read that,
> I
> >realized that water would evaporate fairly quickly out of a bubble
> >counter. Does anyone out there have any idea what "Bubble Counter
> Fluid"
> >is? Is it worth investing in, or does the water take long enough to
> >evaporate that the fluid is not worth investing in? Is there a
> >alternative source for this fluid?
> >Thanks so much.
> >Ed

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