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Water Chem & Substrate

Water Chem. & Substrate.

I am new to the list and the keeping of aquatic plants though have kept
aquariums for over 25 years.  About a month ago I started with live plants.
I have had good success keeping them in a long established, 29gl community
tank well stocked with both fish & plants. This set up has an Eclipse hood
and an undergravel driven by a Dynamaster air pump just added a DIY CO2
system.  It is doing fine for the most part.  Starting to see some browning
on the tips of hornwort, and hygrophylia poly.had started to break at the
stem an inch above substrate. All other plants doing well: Myriophyllum,
Ancharis, Amoazon Sword, Aponogeton, hygrophylia sunset, Cabomba.

This move into live plants was spawned by a desire to set up a 75gl room
divider display tank. As the furniture is being built to accommodate the 75
I have decided to set up another 29 to experiment with a better set up for
plants believing that the 29 with UG is not the best approach. All my years
of aquarium keeping I have used UG systems with success and need to get
comfortable with something before setting up the 75My local water is: PH
7.4, GH22, KH19.  The question is would a particular substrate combination
be helpful for the hardness of my local water?  Should I try resin pouches
in my filters?  What would be a good substrate mix?  I have been thinking of
Flourite, Blasting Sand and local River Gravel. (I have used the local river
gravel for years) .

Any suggestions on the overall are welcome.

Greenville, Ohio

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