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Re: Cloudy Water, quick update

Just a quick update about my cloudy water problem.  Since my last post, I
have increased CO2 production 4 fold (4x2liter bottles).  I don't think I
have maximum CO2 dissolving into the water because a lot of bubbles are
visible in the output from my sump.  Mostly its a fine mist that turns
around in the tank.  Almost immediately after adding the 4 bottles I noticed
the plants starting to pearl.  I was amazed!   The only time I saw a plant
do this for me was when I had a 10g setup with 1, 2 liter bottle setup and a
stem broke.  It started streaming bubbles into the tank..  Since then (only
about a day), most of my plants are displaying better color, very surprising
considering the short amount of time.  I don't think its been enough time to
determin if the water cloud won't return again, but I'll keep y'all updated.
Thanks for all the replies =)