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further wondering

Has anyone ever made a paludarium with carnivorous plants? The problems I see 
are A) a lot of people recommend rain water or R/O water with most species 
which limits what species you can keep. B) I've read fertilizers can burn the 
roots of these plants, since fish are little fertilizer makers, you would 
probably have a bad situation. C) The preferred growing medium for CP is peat 
mixed with sand which would lower your pH alot. If I were to attempt such a 
thing, I would;

1. Keep the peat for the CPs above the water level and use some kind of 
medium beneath them that could have a "wicking" action. I think vermiculite 
could be used, I would prefer sand, which is also a possibility.
2. Have a heavy growth of duckweed or other floaters. I just today read that 
duckweed will pull calcium out of the water, which would help remove some of 
the salts, it also is a nitrate sponge.
3. Stock with a day's paradise fish (Macropodus cupanis dayi or is that a 
synonym now?) or some other small anabantoid.

So what do you think? Should I stop smoking my lunch? Any suggestions, ideas 
or experience?

BTW...I just saw something in the sunday ads about a T4 flourescent bulb. The 
way the ad read, it sounded like a the marketing for the twisty screw in CFs, 
"60 watts of light from an 18 watt bulb." Anyone ever heard of these?

Perpetually cheap in Ohio,

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