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Clarifying Ignoring Bobby

I wish to somewhat clarify my thinking in my previous post about
Ignoring Bobby.

First off, I doubt anything we could do or say would stop Bobby from
continuing to post his nose in where it is not wanted.  I am only
suggesting that when we make posts directly addressing Bobby we only
succeed in feeding his ego.  This petulant little boy reminds me of
men I have known who have enormous egos, but no self-esteem.

My suggestion is not that we ignore Bobby's actions or posts, but that
we ignore HIM.  Instead of posting, "Mr. N***k, you make me sick!", I
suggest we refer to him only indirectly.  As in, "Did you see what
Bobby posted this time?  It is amazing me that someone with nothing
worth saying could spend so much time saying it!".  I mean really,
what kind of person spends so much time hungrily devouring each and
every APD seeking only for disparaging remarks about himself?!?

So my idea is that we talk ABOUT him instead of TO him.  Talking to
him makes him one of us, which he clearly isn't.


A Zen master once said to me, "Do the opposite of whatever I tell
you." So I didn't.

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