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Re: Feeling like a fool ( not me and definitely not you )

> Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 14:35:05 +0800
> From: Loh Kwek Leong <timebomb at pacific_net.sg>
> Subject: Feeling like a Fool
> Hi, everyone,
> I'm terribly upset and feeling like a fool.  I sent a post the
> other day offering my Aponogeton bulbs to anyone who will
> make a sizeable donation to the defense fund and this guy comes
> along and says:
> >What a generous offer!
> >Why not auction them on the APD? Set a deadline for bids to be posted to
> >APD. Highest bid wins. I'm strapped for cash at the moment but I'm
willing to
> >start the bidding at USD 25.00.
> An auction to raise money for the defense fund!!!!  Now, why didn't
> I think of that :)  That's a grand idea, Mark Stahlke.  Thank you.
> I've been racking my brains for ideas to raise more money for the fund
> and never thought an auction would be it.  Now you know I wasn't
> kidding when I said I'm the Forest Gump of this mailing list :)
> A package of rare and unusual plants will go to the highest bidder.
> His or her bid will go to the defense fund, of course.
> Besides the Aponogeton boivinianus and Aponogeton longilumulosus
> bulbs, I will also include a patch of Mini-riccia, the size of which is
> about a 3 inch square.  There will also be a few more very rare
> plants in the package.  Sorry, I can't name them.  That's because
> they are so rare I can't find their names in any of the plant books I
> The Christmas Moss, Narrow Leaf Java Ferns and Cattapa Leaves will
> also be in the package.
> Okay, folks, the auction starts now and will end on the 15th of April.
> If you are too shy to send your bid here, email it to me privately.
> Mark has already started the ball rolling with his bid of USD 25.
> 25, 25, 25.................Do I hear 50?
> Loh K L
> http://www.thedefensefund.com

KL I cannot e-mail you, after 11th September and the 13th December attack on
the Indian Parliament, your e-mail ID is kind of under surveillance or what
??? The mail keeps coming back !!!

Yes, you hear 50.

Madan Subramanian
Bangalore, India.