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Feeling like a Fool

Hi, everyone,

I'm terribly upset and feeling like a fool.  I sent a post the
other day offering my Aponogeton bulbs to anyone who will
make a sizeable donation to the defense fund and this guy comes
along and says:

>What a generous offer!
>Why not auction them on the APD? Set a deadline for bids to be posted to the
>APD. Highest bid wins. I'm strapped for cash at the moment but I'm willing to
>start the bidding at USD 25.00.

An auction to raise money for the defense fund!!!!  Now, why didn't
I think of that :)  That's a grand idea, Mark Stahlke.  Thank you.
I've been racking my brains for ideas to raise more money for the fund
and never thought an auction would be it.  Now you know I wasn't
kidding when I said I'm the Forest Gump of this mailing list :)

A package of rare and unusual plants will go to the highest bidder.
His or her bid will go to the defense fund, of course.
Besides the Aponogeton boivinianus and Aponogeton longilumulosus
bulbs, I will also include a patch of Mini-riccia, the size of which is
about a 3 inch square.  There will also be a few more very rare
plants in the package.  Sorry, I can't name them.  That's because
they are so rare I can't find their names in any of the plant books I have.
The Christmas Moss, Narrow Leaf Java Ferns and Cattapa Leaves will
also be in the package.

Okay, folks, the auction starts now and will end on the 15th of April.
If you are too shy to send your bid here, email it to me privately.
Mark has already started the ball rolling with his bid of USD 25.

25, 25, 25.................Do I hear 50?

Loh K L