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RE: web forum instead of mailing list?

Lee wrote:

"I was just wondering, has setting up a forum website ever been
considered instead of this mailing list? I am a member of
http:/www.clubgp.com/forum/ and I think that a layout similar to that
site would do wonders for the community."

I guess a gran prix aquarium would look cool, sure beats an old television,
hard on the upholstery though...

If you go to:


for example, you get a listing of all posts for March 2002 as of the date
and time you access it. These are the archives for this month. The posts
aren't separated by thread, true, but it's not that hard to keep up with
things because most threads die quickly. I set my Outlook Express to trash
the digests as they come in, and just read the archives. The web forum pages
you suggested are slow to download, at least for me on dial-up, but it may
be because of the graphics. However, being able to post photos with a
question could help things too. But I'll bet that uses a lot more storage at
the server. Interesting proposal.