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Re: Michigan Native

Lee writes:
>>I always talk to Steve and he always has an answer. I had no idea there 
were so many >>Spartans on this mailing list.

I too talk to Steve and yep he has an answer. Now about the Spartan 
thing..... Lee, I hate to break it to you but I am not a Spartan. Boy, that 
kind of sounds like a Wolverine talking..... you know, thinking that 
everybody around you must be a U of M fan because they are sooooo great. (How 
bad does it hurt to be compared to a U of M fan?) I must admit that I am a 
transplanted "Laker" living in a sea of Spartans.

Loh: I apologize for starting the Bee Shrimp conversation. I totally 
understand your comments and am truly sorry for the attacks that you have 

Scott S (more of a Spartan than Wolverine)