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ballast tech. talk

I have three new Magnetek ballasts
rated for (2) F96T12 bulbs
it is a Universal Watt Reducer Slimline Ballast

Can I do anything with these for my 29 gallon tank? I'm interested in
building my own hood so that isn't a problem. Any suggestions, because I'm
not an electronics guy. I can wire a house but don't know ballasts too well.
My interest also lies in the fact that the T8 or T5 bulbs out there are a
lot cheaper than the compact fluorescents. Any ideas on how I can use these
for a cheap light set-up? Also, anyone interested in the other two ballasts?
I'd love to trade for some light bulbs or something.

Travis Kinney 
Just an aquarium plant beginner.
29 gallon tank at home
1/2 gallon tank on office desk