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Re: Shelf Life of Tropica Master Grow

Dgrim62 at cs_com at Dgrim62 at cs_com wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> I believe the main thing with TMG (which I use) is to keep it out of
> sunlight. I don't think there is an expiration date for the stuff. I buy the
> 5 liter jugs also, but I have three large planted tanks, and will go thru
> that much in a year or so.
> I don't think I'd want to let it sit for that long, myself. Just sems too lon
> aperiod of time to me. No scientific basis for this, just my opinion. The
> savings wouldn't be worth having the stuff sit for years. What you could do
> is buy a jug and split it with a plant keeping friend. I have combined mail
> orders with a fellow APDer in my area several times.
> Dave

Thanks Dave. I guessing that I would probably use a 5 liter jug in less than
5 years (especially if I ever get that 120 I've always dreamed of having),
but still I see your point.

Another person said they thought there may be some microbial breakdown of
TMG after a time, unless it is kept refrigerated.  My wife won't allow that,
I'm pretty sure. :) Then again, even if half of it went bad I'd still be
breaking even.

Dan Dixon