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Re: Cloudy water

> Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 11:58:23 -0500
> From: "Dave T." <dave at computergeek_dyndns.org>
> Subject: Cloudy water returns....with avengence!

>   I have two, two bulb shoplights from homedepot because I'm not spending
> hundreds of dollars on special fixtures that just 'look nice.'  Both of
> those lights have 2 plant growth, full spectrum bulbs...also from home
> depot.  They say they're good for plants and aquariums in general, perhaps
> not the best  lighting for a planted tank, but should be better then bright
> white bulbs, I figured.  But I'm wondering if these tubes are catering more
> to algae then the plants, and therefore causing this green water.

Nope try again:)

Try running the micron filter for 3 days after it clears up and then add
some more biofiltration to your system.

What types of foods you feed plays little role in this matter.
> I'll try again to give as much details as possible...bottom up:
> 90g AGA
> I have 5 gallons of bio-balls running in a DIY trickle filter that dumps
> into a 20g bin where a 700gph (4' head, so about 500gph) sump pumps water
> back into the tank through the overflow.  Next to the trickle filter is a
> mag 350 (hand-me-down from my father, I hoped the extra filtration would
> help) with a pleated filter with a sleeve.  Around the sleeve is packed
> cotton, so I suspect it isn't getting much more then about 200gph, if that.

> growing, though I have noticed a few sprouts...I did have a DIY CO2
> injection (2 liter with 1/4 airline tubing going into a small hole in the
> 700gph sump's prefilter, right next to the impeller) but I was worried about
> pumping too much too fast for our puffer, who was acclimated to freshwater.

Well I can tell you this much, you sure don't have enough CO2 for the tank.
I used 4x2liter bottles of DIY and a 100% efficient reactor and a good spray
bar distribution system and had to really keep up on it. Some folks can
maximize their brew but you'll still need at 4 times as much brew to get the
CO2 right. CO2 going south will also cause GW to bloom up again. I'd address
this before the biofiltration. Small lava rock will help for that. Save your
money on the lights, wouldn't amount to a hill of beans.
Tom Barr

> - -Dave