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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1732

"mike popov" <m_popov at hotmail_com> wrote:
> You Sir are a disgrace to humanity.

Hi, Manny--

I'm glad you're not the judge for that, since
I disagree.  Also, please don't name-call so 
much in this forum, since we have another 
contributor that likes to do that when talking 
about the defense fund.

> Obviously you have no understanding of human 
> nature or the US Constitution.

I would characterize this as a dramatic 
overstatement.  The problems with such grand
assertions is that they rarly hold up under
even casual scrutiny.

However, to be fair, I just re-read the US
constitution at
and did not find any breaches of understanding
that would lead to your comments.  You'll have to
provide additional information in support of your
comments, or your assertions will be deemed 

I'm probably not a good judge of the "human nature"
thing, though, since my wife says I'm socially
inappropriate myself.  Since you must have the
answers there, may I suggest you write a book 
about "Understanding Women" or some other issue
of great social importance so we can all benefit
from your having figured this all out?

I did have one question, though... if you are the
judge of Human Nature, then why are you, 
"completely dumbfounded" over some comments by
some people? Surely you would understand 
motivations that would lead to these comments, 

I'm currently in the military, and don't see your
"loyal patriotic American" comments as helpful
as other things you could do in protection of
individual rights and liberties or in serving
the national defense (that's what you mean by 
"loyal patriotic American", right?)  Perhaps
you could use your talents more productively.


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