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Re: NO2

> Good question!  Actually, the valve was finicky when I first got it from M3,
> and had been fine for several months.  I guess that I dislike the idea of
> pumping CO2 24/7 into 3 tanks (one of which is only ~ 1.5 gal). Do you think
> Ed would exchange the solonoid even though the system is ~9 months old? :-)

Ask him. What is the _worst_ that could happen?:-)

> I have a surface skimmer, so there is some movement.  The spraybar return is
> all the way at the bottom, and I don't want to move it.  I could throw in a
> power head I guess.

Drill an antisiphon hole for the spray bar near the surface to cause some
movement. This problem doesn't happen in Surface skimming typically.
> This is the weird part -- this tank hadn't had any changes prior to my
> problem, EXCEPT the addition of the 2 Blyxa, 2 stems of Rotala 'Nanjenshan',
> couple P. fluitans and 2 Toninia spec. I received...  No changes in feedings
> or anything.  Again, the only things I can think of besides the plants are
> (1) the lack of CO2 for most of the day, (2) my arm reaching in to plant the
> new plants...

Water changes should have removed normal causes, unless it was the water you
used for the changes.
Tom Barr

> - -Tony