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Loh's Apon. Bulbs

Loh wrote:
"There's nothing much I can do about the Bee shrimps but
on top of the Christmas Moss, Narrow Leaf Java Ferns and
Cattapa Leaves, I will offer my Aponogeton boivinianus and
longiplumulosus bulbs to anyone who gives a sizable amount
to the fund. These are beautiful plants.  The Aponogeton crispus
is like a "weed" when compared to them.  I leave it to you all
to decide what is "sizable" but bear in mind that it costs me quite
a fair bit when I bought the bulbs."

What a generous offer!
Why not auction them on the APD? Set a deadline for bids to be posted to the 
APD. Highest bid wins. I'm strapped for cash at the moment but I'm willing to 
start the bidding at USD 25.00.

On the subject of shame:
I'm embarrassed that someone who is not an American citizen has done so much 
more to protect and preserve our American Constitutional rights than many 
Americans. Come on folks, step up to the plate.

Mark Stahlke
Colorado's Premier Grower of Fine Algaes