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Re: Ludwigias

Roxanne wrote:
Ludwigia palustris is not the same as L. peruensis.  Ludwigia peruensis
is a misapplied name (not a real latin name to my knowledge) and I
believe it's really L. glandulosa, the really dark red Ludwigia.
Peruensis may be a mistaken attempt to name L. perennis, but that's not
the same as L. glandulosa either.  So, when you see L. peruensis listed,
you know it's the dark red, difficult one to grow, but forget the
name...it's just wrong.

L. palustris is a N. American and Mexican plant commonly for sale in
most fish stores.  This one is more available as a rule than L.
glandulosa and is much easier to grow."

I have three types of Ludwigia in my tank - L. repens, L. "peruensis", and 
L. palustris. The "peruensis" is definately redder than the others, and has 
the longest leaves. The repens has rounder leaves, and the palustris leaves 
are similar to the "peruensis" but smaller and lighter. If I post a picture 
of all three, can someone ID them?

This is the second batch of "peruensis" I've had. The first one I did find 
impossible to grow, but this one is growing like crazy. It looks the same as 
the other "peruensis" but maybe it is not?


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