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Michigan native

lew.newcomb at eds_com writes:

<< Also, have you been to Preuss Animal House?  Great LFS on the corner of
Haslett Rd & Okemos Rd (I worked there '86-'88)
Another Michigander comes out of the woodwork! (Wait you're not one of those 
odd UPers are you?) (I have to take a shot at the UPers as it really ticks 
off my father-in-law, a former Wisconsite....I mean a UPer)
I am not Lee but...........
Hey, that is where I trade a bunch of my plants. In fact I just got back from 
there about 15 minutes ago. The store has really changed over the last couple 
of years into a much more plant friendly place. Rick has hired some pretty 
knowledgeable plant staff over the past year. Having a large college nearby 
probable helps his chances of getting "plant intelligent" staff members. Cool 
place to visit. 
I guess I can't say the usual not affiliated in anyway notice since I trade 
my plants there but it is a great all around pet shop with a huge salt water, 
lizard, and bird shop. (Those stupid birds scare the crap out of me every 
time I am there......)

Scott S