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Re: DIY or Brand name CO2

Lee wrote:
>I currently have a yeast DIY CO2 injection, but I am
looking into setting
up a real CO2 injection system. I have noticed that
packaged kits like the
Ultralife and the Eheim run around $150-$200. Can I
build one for less


You can build a DIY CO2 compressed system for about

regulator ($45)
refurbished CO2 tank (5lb.-$50, 20lb.-$80)
needle valve ($19)
reactor ($10-80)

You can get a good inexpensive regulator for
homebrewing (www.4rapid1.com) and a refurbished CO2
tank from your local gas supplier.  The needle valve
can be found at www.marine-monsters.com and so can
some reactors.  You can also make your own reactor
using designs at www.thekrib.com.


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