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Re: NO2

> the bottom, so I removed it.  I also noticed the solonoid on my CO2 system was
> stuck closed -- this has happened before, and I just switched the light/CO2
> timer 
> off and on to get it going.

Why use a solenoid, especially if it doesn't work well?

> I wondered what could be wrong with the tank, and
> checked the NO2 level and it was reading about .5-1 ppm on my Seachem test
> kit... 
> So, I quickly changed 50% of the water 2 times.  The fish went back to normal,
> and 
> my Rams spawned.    I figured that maybe my filter was clogged, as I hadn't
> changed 
> the floss in 2 months.  I quickly changed the floss and flushed the canister.
> Fish 
> looked normal, and I watched the Rams chase the other fish from their eggs...
> This tank has been perfectly stable for the past 2 months, and I have had NO
> So, anyone have any ideas as to the cause of the NO2 spike or suggestions for
> my 
> course of action?  Could the lack of CO2 kill off all of the bacteria?  Could
> the 
> plants be leaching NO2 into the water? Is someone out there sending me bad
> vibes?

If the fish are at the surface this typically means not enough current(then
you get too much CO2 build up-this can be tested for though- or not enough
O2 if the plants slow their growth down for some reason). When you did the
water change(it's not going to be NO2 after all those water changes-but will
removed the low levels of O2), the timing involved in your case, it really
seems like the O2 is getting too low.

I'd increase the current and I suspect it is quite low in this tank(due to
overgrown plants, lack of surface current- a little, not zero,
Higher current should help overall.
Try it and see.

Has the tank undergone a large reduction in plant mass?
Slowed plant growth, more feedings etc?
NO2 is going to appear if there is a large amount of NH3 produced to the
point where the plants cannot take it all in and NO2 is produced by
Some reasons for this happening can be slowed plant growth/reduction in
plant mass in the tank. CO2(lack of) is often the culprit.

Just take a look at that one and current. Those are the only two things I
see that will cause this beside some unknown chemical contaminant source.
Tom Barr
> TIA,
> Tony