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Re: replacing CF bulbs

Lazarus Miskowski asked :
> Anyone have any advice for changing CF bulbs?
> Do they lose lumens over time like NO bulbs?  Or is it
> non-significant?  Should I just wait til they burn
> out?  What's the longest someone has had a CF bulb
> last?

All (All) bulbs lose lumen output over time.  This includes all
flourescent, regular tungsten incandesent and halogen incandesent, etc.
 Filaments evaporate and coat the interior of the bulbs, available
useful mercury declines due to trace combining with trace contaminants,
phospors degrade with age and use, etc.

Manufacturer rated life spans usually mark when the filaments give out,
on average.  But hose rating use on/off cycles much more frequent than
10-12 hours.  The rating depends on the manufactuer -- contact your
vendor or the maker, if you can.

Scott H.

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