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RE: More dead fish

>Well the OTHER links I bet those two tanks have in common
>is the AIR and YOU. ;)
>Did you spray disinfectant or something into the air?  Did
>you have some kinda of chemical or something you used before
>you handled your tanks? :)

I thought of that actually Chung, but I really don't think there was 
anything on my hands or arms... I am sure I didn't spray anything 
into the air also...

>I know, you probally been doing this for a while now and 
>should give you more credit than that but that's the only other
>thing I can think of off the top of my head that may have done
>something strange to your tanks. :)

Yeah, I am totally stumpted.  I really am curious if anyone out 
there has ever had a mysterious fish death after planting new 
plants, or stiring up the substrate.  I would accept stiring up the 
substrate in the 60G as the cause of my problems in there, because I 
removed an overgrown crypt.  But, that doesn't explain the problems 
in the 29, because I didn't uproot anything.  

The other thing I wonder is that my CO2 tank is getting close to 
empty, so could there be something in there killing the fish?  This 
is beverage grade CO2 from the same store I have always used... 

One thing is certain, I would trade my current set of problems for 
algae anyday!