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RE: DIY or Brand name CO2

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 00:18:56 -0500
From: "Lee Michaels" <michae32 at msu_edu>
Subject: DIY or Brand name CO2

Lee wrote:
>I currently have a yeast DIY CO2 injection, but I am looking into setting
up a real CO2 injection system. I have noticed that packaged kits like the
Ultralife and the Eheim run around $150-$200. Can I build one for less

Lee, I noticed by your e-mail address that your in Michigan, and at my alma
mater, too.  I live in the western Detroit 'burbs and I just invested in a
pressurized CO2 system (applause here). I was very lucky in that a friend of
mine is a welder and GAVE me an argon regulator (flow meter, actually).  I
found a welding place 1 mile from my house that sold me a used, full 10lb
CO2 cylinder for $55.00, and a shutoff valve w/fittings for another $20.
The valve and the fittings aren't perfect (it's not a true needle or flow
control valve) but it is doing the job so far.  Of course, as I'm writing
this it's been on less than 24hrs.  I'm very excited that I got the 10lb
tank and the price and convenience are hard to beat.  As I write this,
however I'm realizing that I'm not giving you much advice, unless it's to go
make friends with a welder.  

Poke around, ask a few welding supply places, try plumbing supply places for
brass fittings, and I think you can get what you want for less money.  Read
up in the archives and at the Krib, because what I'm telling you is
certainly incomplete, and possibly inaccurate (hopefully not too much).
Also, have you been to Preuss Animal House?  Great LFS on the corner of
Haslett Rd & Okemos Rd (I worked there '86-'88)

Go Green!