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Re - Bee Shrimps

Loh writes
<< I would have
offered Bee shrimps in return for donations to the defense fund if they can
still be alive when they reach the US of A.  Too bad. >>

Come on Loh..... Figure out how to get those shrimp to the states alive! At 
least try to do something for the defense fund! I mean, all you've done is 
what the average person has done by sending out about a ton of plants. Now go 
the extra mile and send me some shrimp... If you do that, I'll promise to 
donate three dollars to the fund (or is that too much?). LOL

Seriously, thanks a lot for the moss and the donations. I am sure that those 
people who are getting the monetary support from your efforts are trying to 
enact a national holiday named for you. Great guy, great moss, great cause.
Scott S