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Tangs and Plants

Amy asked questions about the set up of a Tanganyikan plant tank.

I currently have a 100 gallon planted Malawi tank.  pH of 7.5 - 7.6, KH of
12, GH of 20.  Two 150 watt HQI metal halides.  I use both bottled CO2 and
Excel, plus PMDD.  The tank is heavily stocked with mbuna and I feed them
quite a lot.

The plants in the tank are Anubias (nana and coffefolia), Sunset Hygro,
Wisteria, corkscrew val, Bacopa monnieri, and cabomba.

I tried just using CO2.  The plants do better with CO2 plus Excel.  YMMV.
The Sunset hygro and Bacopa monnieri are the fastest growers, followed by
the Wisteria.  The val did the best of all prior to adding the Excel.

I would test your Carib Sea African Cichlid substrate.  I bought some and
found it to leach large amounts of phosphate into the water.  A search of
the Carib Sea website indicates that a number of their substrates are high
in phosphates, though the Cichlid mix was not one of the substrates for
which they posted a chemical analysis.

Have fun with your new tank.

Roger Gordon