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Re: Tanganyika 40 breeder planted tank

Tom nailed it.

1) 3-4 36" 30w tubes would be wonderful.
2) Fluorite is ok, onyx might be better for the fish. Don't bother with the 
cichlid substrates unless you have very soft water. If you're doing water 
changes, the hardness of your water will be fine. Even Tananyika and Malawi 
have areas of softer water. But I wouldn't do the peat thing...
3) As Tom said, go to a glass shop and have them made. Don't let them talk 
you into acrylic though.
4) Excel will be ok, but you will get better results from DIY or pressurized 
gas. Depends on the plants. According to Karen Randall (compuserve message), 
vals can extract the CO2 from the calcium carbonate in the water very well.
5) All the pics I've seen of the rift lakes (Tang. and Mal.) just show 
grassy plants like Vals. Lots of algae too... heh 

I'm raising Victorian Haps in my 30g planted tank, and they're doing great. 
In fact, the aggression of these fish (though they are a bit less agressive 
than other africans) is much reduced by the fact that there are lots of 
places for them to hide. Lots of plants for them to duck behind, etc. Plus 
the ability to have many territories in such a small tank. I currently have 
7 Hap "Zebra Obliquedens" in this tank, though 3 of the males are going 
bye-bye so I can improve the female/male ratio. 

Here's a pic of the tank: