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RE: Solenoid valves, toilets, automated water changes

I appreciated and enjoyed all the feedback on the foibles of float
valves.  I had actually forgotten about the stand pipe in the back of
the toilet.  I learned the hard way yesterday about the downside of
having an automatic water supply.  The drain to my plant filter that
hangs on the back of my discus tank (here is a photo)
http://www.sfbaaps.com/gallery/kaufmann/kaufmann_01_06.jpg finally
clogged and, as I was at work, it overflowed for a very long time as
the system was continuously re-supplied with water from the float
valve.  The tank was fine, but I am sure glad nobody lives beneath me!
Oh well, to paraphrase, "That which does not drown us makes us
smarter". (hopefully)

I remain undaunted in my quest for a fully automated water change
system, but I now better understand the advantages of a flow-through
system verses a drain and fill system.  I look forward to the day when
my living situation makes such an option viable.

Drying out in Napa, where the temperature hit 80 yesterday,


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