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Re: was PMDD now CSM

> I don't add any Epsom salts, that was a straight 1/10 teaspoon of CSM+B
> only. The water here is sufficiently hard that I don't need magnesium
> additions.

The water data sheet for Minneapolis indicates a maximum, minimum, & average
Mg of 6.3, 2.2, and 3.3ppm  respectively.  I do a 50% water change weekly
(for the most part).  Is it reasonable to think that is enough Mg that I
could eliminate the Epsom salts?

> It dissolves a lot easier in a tankful of water than in 300 ml of water.
> That's why I dose the dry compounds into the tank. I use a Rondomatic
> that name) fish feeder with the dry compounds in each dosing cup.
> TW

Next up - dry KNO3.  Heck, if this gets any easier (less time) I might have
to spend some time learning to aquascape or set up another tank.  :-))

Thanks for the help,