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Re: Why does KH drop?

In my last post about kH dropping in a Flourite tank, I forgot to say
that it *wasn't* due to lack of CO2. I had the tank set up before for
a "dry run" with everything on it but the substrate, for about 2 months. 
I used that period to check the plumbing and the water change system, adjust 
the CO2 injection, and grow a large enough mass of plants to start the tank. 
Mostly penywort, ambulia, hygro and frogbit. CO2 was kept at about 40-50 ppm 
all the time. When I set up the tank with the Flourite substrate, I used the 
same plants, and the same PMDD based fertilization regime. That is, nothing 
changed significantly but the substrate. That's why I tend to disregard the 
plants as a possible cause of the kH drop.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

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