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Re: Dreaming

    * From: Zach Villers <zvillers at columbus_rr.com>

So were going to buy a house soon, and Im off in dream-land about having a
fish-room (plant room?) Anyway, I dont have much money for the hobby right
now. If you were on a super tight budget. How would you set up a 10*10 room?
Im thinking one sump for the whole room, shop lights, PVC plumbed, 1 CO2
canister. What things would you spend money on? Where would you cut corners?
What would be your must haves? What could you do without?

On a completely unrelated note. How do I grown an Aponogeton ulvaceous from
seed? And when do I cut off the flower/bit with the seed pods?


One important fish room or plant room consideration is keeping your tanks
from overheating.  When you have a lot of lights and ballasts, there is a
lot of heat production.  If the tanks are on shelving, the ones above are
heated by the ones below, and temperatures can easily get into the 90's
Farenheit, or even the 100's.  You should check to be sure that there is
good air circulation between your fish/plant room and the rest of the
house.  You may need to install a ceiling fan and a window air conditioner.
Expect a big electric bill.

Re. ulvaceous, if seeds are forming, leave them alone until they are
released and float away.  They will soon sink and germinate.  When I had
ulvaceous, I tried self-fertilizing by brushing the flower spike with with
a paint brush, but the plant's flowers refused to self-fertilize, and so I
never got any seeds.  If you have two unrelated plants, cross fertilization
should work.

Paul Krombholz chilly (again) central Mississippi, with another batch of
Canadian air.  James!! Don't send so much in March!  Save some for July!