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KH Dropping

Hi Jerry

Thanks for the reply.  I had a 64oz DIY bottle which when I changed from a
diffuser to direct injection into the filter intake the increase in
diffusion efficiency took me to over 50ppm CO2.  I had a 20oz bottle
available so I put it into play and now am running about 10-12ppm.

I'll try a 32oz tomorrow; that should put me at around 20+ppm.  Plants are
pearling nicely. Direct injection into the System3 intake really works well.
I used James Purchase' idea of a right angle hosebarb into a clipped vane in
the intake strainer.

At least I'm drinking plenty of apple juice buying these bottles! :-)

thanks again


Many plants can crack carbonate or bicarbonate ions to get their carbon.
In such a small tank I imagine that six plants could do that pretty
quickly. I bet that's what's happening. Try increasing your CO2 a bit
and see if it doesn't stop dropping. The carbon is CO2 is easier to get
at if it's abundant.

Jerry Baker