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Re: Was PMDD now CSM

Jay wrote:

"One (OK, 2) other questions - When you say you add X amt. of CSM, is that
quantity CSM + B only or do you mix the CSM with MgSo4 and add X amt. of

I don't add any Epsom salts, that was a straight 1/10 teaspoon of CSM+B
only. The water here is sufficiently hard that I don't need magnesium
additions. Dose CSM+B separately until you know what quantity is needed to
get Fe where you want it. The assumption is that once Fe is right, that all
the other trace elements are present in the relative required quantity.
There really is no reason to try to create a pre-mixed solution of several
components when you can dose each one separately.

second question - it seems that the CSM does not dissolve readily.  If it is
just put into the aquarium without dissolving in water first what is
happening to it?  Does it fall to the bottom and then dissolve into the
water column?  Or does some of it not dissolve?"

It dissolves a lot easier in a tankful of water than in 300 ml of water.
That's why I dose the dry compounds into the tank. I use a Rondomatic (love
that name) fish feeder with the dry compounds in each dosing cup.