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Re: hair algae

<< Re: hair algae >>

Some forms of hair algae grow rapidly in high levels of iron when sufficient 
phosphate is present. 
If I've learned own thing in this hobby it is to address the problem not the 
symptom. To look for a "cure all" to get rid of your hair algae is putting 
the cart before the horse. Get a phosphate kit and an iron kit. Test and 
record your findings (this will be very helpful over the next few months as 
you move towards stability) as every closed aquatic environment varies due to 
tap water, kind of ferts, substrate, etc. What may be high for one aquarium 
may be low for another depending on the variables. If you find that your test 
results indicate high levels then make the appropriate adjustments: change 
your brand of fert, lower feeding level, increase water changes, etc. Record 
what changes you make and then record the results. 
SAEs are great but I would rather feed them flake food than have my tank 
create a bumper crop of hair algae for them.  

Scott S.