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Re: 36watt biax 6700K source please

Kinney, Travis: wrote


Where can I get a 36watt 5000k or 6700k compact fluorescent? Local
houses won't special order for me.


I reply:

The 36 watt 5300K lamps from AH Supply are very nice. They have an
excellent CRI which I think does make a bit of difference. I can't
decide if the high CRI lamps make plants grow a little better or if they
just make plants look a little better. Although CRI has nothing to do
with how well a lamp grows plants high CRI lamps are always full
spectrum and it could be that the plants respond slightly better to full
spectrum lighting. Pretty much all the other PC lamps are tri-phosphor
lamps. Those lamps will appear brighter to the human eye because of the
way the spectrum is shaped. Many many people use those lamps with great
success. One small advantage with tri-phosphor lamps is they appear
brighter to a camera as well. If you are into taking tank pictures you
can get a faster shutter speed with a tri-phosphor lamp.

Like other people have said it is largely a matter of personal taste. I
have used 4100K, 5000K and 6500K lamps and frankly I don't prefer any
one over the other. I do slightly prefer high CRI lamps though. A
difference of 5 points in CRI is barely noticable but 10 points is quite
noticable. The 4100K triphosphor lamps are the most commonly available
and therefore are always the cheapest around. In T8 sizes I can buy
those lamps for less than $2 each.